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Water Heater Install/Replacement

Interstate AC is Nashville’s Trusted Commercial Water Heater Install/Replacement Experts. Book Online or Call 615-802-COOL (2665) To Schedule Your Service.

Professional Water Heater Installation and Replacement Services

We’ve got water heater upgrade solutions for any business. Contact us today for commercial water heater installation and replacement services.

Every business needs a functional hot water heater to accommodate employees and customers alike. Gyms with showers in the locker rooms and restaurants that wash hundreds of dishes must have a working unit, but even standard offices need a water heater for pleasant hand washing. If your commercial building needs a water heater installation or replacement, look no further than Interstate AC.

We specialize in commercial HVAC and plumbing services and promise to set you up with a high-quality water heater. Our experts deal with both conventional units and tankless ones and deliver unmatched service to all of our customers. Reach out to us if your Tennessee business needs a professional plumber to handle water heater issues.

Signs Your Business Needs a Hot Water Tank Replacement

How can you tell when you’re due for a new water heater installation?

At Interstate AC, we recommend efficient water heater replacements once you experience any of the following issues:

  • Inconsistent or minimal hot water supply
  • A leaking water tank
  • Discolored water coming through your faucets
  • Increases in your energy costs
  • Rattling noises coming from the tank

Schedule an inspection right away and our experienced plumbers will provide guidance and tips for water heater installation and replacement services.

Conventional Water Heater Systems vs. Tankless Units

When it comes to water heater installation services, many business owners aren’t sure if they should stick with a conventional water heater tank or opt for a tankless system. A brand-new unit will provide your business with plenty of hot water water but some factors may influence your decision. Check out some of the pros and cons of each system below.

Conventional Water Heater Tanks

A standard water heater system offers versatility for business owners. Our team can evaluate the size and demands of your commercial property and install a tank large enough to accommodate the space. However, even small tanks tend to be bulky and take up valuable space while the system itself requires regular maintenance and only lasts around ten years.

Tankless Water Heaters

If you want a seamless water heater installation and replacement with minimal maintenance requirements going forward, opt for a tankless unit. These systems provide hot water on demand rather than waiting for the tank to heat up.

Other major advantages to having a tankless unit include:

  • It has a lifespan of up to 20 years.
  • Maintenance services are less extensive than with a conventional tank.
  • Tankless water heaters only operate on demand which helps lower your energy costs.
  • They take up less space on your property than a multi-gallon tank.

Regardless of whether you decide to invest in a standard water heater tank or a tankless unit, Interstate AC is here to help you find the ideal unit for your commercial space. Contact us today for more information.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Commercial Water Heater

Installing a new commercial water heater comes with ample benefits for you and your workforce. By upgrading the system, you’ll enjoy hot water when you need it most and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system will serve your business for several years. You’ll likely notice decreases in your energy costs, especially if you install a high-efficiency system.

Choosing Interstate AC for your installation service means we’ll get the job done right and you can avoid the risk of problems stemming from an improper installation. We offer affordable prices and workmanship warranties so you have peace of mind.

To schedule a water heater installation and replacement service at your Tennessee business, contact Interstate AC today. Call 615-802-COOL (2665) to speak with one of our friendly specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions people ask us about water heater installation and replacement services.

How Long Does a Water Heater Installation Service Take?

Water heater installation can take anywhere from two to three hours depending on the size and complexity of your unit.

What Should You Do After Replacing a Water Heater?

Following water heater installation or replacement, you should keep an eye out for any issues with your system and perform routine maintenance, such as flushing the tank and checking the power source.

Can You Perform a Water Heater Installation By Yourself?

No, commercial water heater installation requires a trained professional. Plumbers understand the intricate connections these systems need to run, whereas amateurs risk injuring themselves and damaging the water heater.