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HVAC Services in Nashville, TN

You’ve found Nashville’s trusted local HVAC contractor. Call Interstate AC today!

Having a reliable heating and cooling system in Nashville, Tennessee, is crucial. Davidson County’s summers are warm, and the winters are chilly. Don’t your team and customers deserve to be cozy while in your space?

Interstate AC proudly offers top-quality commercial HVAC services in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas. Whether you need help cooling down your warehouse or your recording studio always seems too cold, Interstate AC provides solutions.

We have helped countless fellow businesses in our community maximize their energy efficiency without sacrificing their comfort. Our reviews speak for themselves!

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

Your Nashville commercial property’s air conditioning keeps the hot and humid summers outside.

As locals, Interstate AC appreciates the same for our own business in Nashville, which is why we offer quality air conditioning installation and replacement services at your convenience. Let’s figure out the right system for your Nashville space so that every room can be cool and comfortable when the temperatures outside are rising.

If you’d like to avoid emergency repair situations, you’ll also want to consider taking on our air conditioning maintenance assistance once or twice a year. If your air conditioning unit is struggling to work efficiently or won’t turn on at all, a licensed technician can help get to the bottom of your problem quickly to get your system up and running. However, maintaining the system could prevent that kind of expensive repair work from happening in the first place.

Common commercial air conditioning issues we handle in Nashville include the following: 

  • Dirty air filters.
  • Frozen evaporator coils.
  • Refrigerant leaks.
  • Thermostat issues.

Commercial Heating System Maintenance and Repair

In Nashville, any business will want the ability to warm up their space after the temperature drops.

A reliable heating system makes all the difference, especially if it’s efficient enough to keep your running costs down! Whether you are interested in maintaining your commercial furnace or exploring the benefits of a heat pump, our team is here to help.

Consider us if you need quick HVAC repair assistance for heating system malfunctions, as well as a variety of HVAC services in Nashville, TN. We cannot emphasize how important it is to have your business’s HVAC system cleaned and inspected annually. Having experts evaluate your building’s systems ensures the safety and durability of your equipment, comfort, and health and safety compliance.

Of course, if your business can catch heating and cooling issues early, it will also avoid serious failures and costly malfunctions down the line.

Additional Modern HVAC Services Like Building Automation

Did you know that Interstate AC offers building automation services in the Nashville area? Choose from a variety of HVAC control systems that integrate easily into existing systems, or opt for a full building takeover operation.

Depending on your needs, we will work with any HVAC equipment currently installed in your building or customize things. Your control website will be easy to navigate and understand, too.

Are you after a more comfortable or energy-efficient building? Contact us to explore your options.

Trust Interstate AC For Your HVAC Needs

You no longer need to keep searching for “HVAC near me!” Interstate AC is proud to handle all of your HVAC needs in Nashville, Tennessee, to keep your employees and customers comfortable. Call (651) 832-8500 to schedule our services in Nashville!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, check out a few commonly asked questions about HVAC services in Nashville, TN.

What Is the Most Common HVAC Problem?

The most common HVAC problem is dirty filters. Dust, debris, and allergens build up on the filter’s surface, and block the air flow. The clog will slow down your HVAC system and without regular cleaning or changing, serious HVAC problems could follow.

How Often Should I Service My HVAC System?

You should service your HVAC system at least once a year, but ideally twice a year. Fall and spring are often good times for a professional HVAC inspection.

What Is the Average Lifespan of an HVAC System?

The average lifespan of a commercial HVAC system ranges from 15 to 25 years. Typically, the longevity of this equipment depends on how well and how often you service it. Routine inspection with reliable HVAC services in Nashville, TN, like Interstate AC, should keep things going for longer.

Can My HVAC Fan Run Constantly?

Yes, your building’s HVAC fan can run constantly. However, it is more energy efficient to have your fan set to Auto mode. Auto circulates air while prioritizing efficient heating or cooling.