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Drain Cleaning

Interstate AC is Nashville’s Trusted Commercial Drain Cleaning Experts. Book Online or Call 615-802-COOL (2665) To Schedule Your Service.

Drain Cleaning Service

Don’t let clogged drains interrupt your business. Call Interstate AC at 615-802-COOL (2665) for a prompt drain cleaning service.

Commercial drains handle more varied substances and amounts than most household drains. Therefore, you need commercial plumbers armed with business property experience and heavy-duty drain equipment to address your drainage system. Interstate AC comes to your rescue with a Nashville team that specializes in servicing commercial and industrial properties.

Common Commercial Drain Concerns

You’re likely familiar with this scene. A customer rushes up to you, concerned about an overflowing toilet or sink in one of the restrooms. Perhaps they approach to complain about rancid smells.

Both scenarios suggest that your commercial plumbing system has significant blockages requiring prompt drain unclogging services. Other concerning symptoms include:

  • Slow-draining sinks: Fixtures in restrooms, janitorial closets, or commercial kitchens should readily drain once you remove the stopper. If water stagnates or takes several minutes to empty, it likely hits a considerable blockage on its way out.
  • Outdoor water backup: Does your landscape or parking lot always seem wet? Water might surface elsewhere when it meets a blockage in your outdoor spaces.
  • Stagnating water in grease traps: Check your grease trap to ensure water flows through to the sewer. Stagnating water could indicate a greasy blob blocking its exit.
  • The presence of water-loving insects: Earwigs, silverfish, and palmetto bugs thrive in environments with standing water. They might make your commercial fixtures their new home if blockages prevent adequate drainage.
  • Poor water pressure: Sometimes, unpredictable changes in water pressure occur due to clogged drains. Check each fixture to determine which ones go from typical to low pressure during use.

Drain Inspections Provide a Precise Problem Scope

Once you witness the above-listed symptoms, call Interstate AC for assistance. We will begin the service by discussing your observations. Tell us about affected fixtures, where you found water bugs, and which areas have found smells.

These clues help us determine where to start our inspections. Unlike residential drain cleaning services, commercial services might involve multiple properties. For example, a strip mall houses numerous businesses. One or two might suffer the symptoms caused by a neighboring business’s drainage system.

We insert tiny cameras into the symptomatic drains, feeding them deep into the system. Eventually, our plumbers will get a visual of the blockage and strategize how to remove it.

What to Expect From Our Drain Cleaning Service

Our drain cleaning approach differs based on where we discover the blockage. For example, some blockages contain mineral buildup, soap, and paper, making them sticky and particularly stubborn. We employ hydro jetting to knock it loose if deeply wedged into your drain line.

Other clogs develop where your commercial plumbing system connects to the municipal sewage system. These circumstances require tougher approaches, such as:

  • Sewer line cleaning using more forceful hydro jetting techniques.
  • Sewer line repair for infiltrating tree roots or slightly damaged sewer pipes.
  • Sewer line replacement for heavily damaged pipes.

We can also insert commercial drain snakes and powerful augers to loosen debris.

We Also Help with Drain Emergencies

A drainage emergency occurs when wastewater or raw sewage backs up into a building. Exposure to this waste can lead to bacterial or viral infections. The mess contaminates your commercial building structures and surfaces, making them unsafe for employees and customers to approach.

We offer emergency drain cleaning services for such circumstances. Evacuate the affected area and call Interstate AC immediately!

Keep Your Commercial Drain Clean with Interstate AC

Functioning drains are essential for every modern building. However, they perform a particularly important role for commercial properties with heavy waste flow and strict code requirements. Interstate AC’s plumbers can quickly tackle your commercial drainage concerns.

Call 615-802-COOL (2665) to schedule drain cleaning services tailored to your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial drain problems seemingly come from nowhere and can raise many questions. We addressed a few of those questions below.

How Often Should I Maintain My Commercial Drains?

You should maintain commercial drains twice yearly, especially if you run a restaurant, medical facility, or similar establishment. Commercial drains meet higher demands than their residential counterparts.

Can I Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner?

Yes, you can technically use a chemical drain cleaner. However, we recommend using gentler, alternative methods for small clogs or calling us for stubborn blockages to protect your plumbing system and the environment.

What Types of Businesses Should Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning Services?

All types of businesses should schedule regular drain cleaning services. However, establishments that provide food, medical, or industrial services should maintain stricter drain maintenance routines.