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Commercial Duct Repair and Replacement Services

Commercial Duct Repair and Replacement Services

Keep your ductwork in excellent condition with help from our technicians. Call today to schedule service!

If your commercial property has trouble staying at a consistent temperature, the problem may not lie with your heater or air conditioner. Many business owners don’t realize that faulty ductwork can be to blame for a wide range of airflow problems.

Interstate AC specializes in commercial duct repair and replacement services so you can keep your business comfortable all year long.

Reach out to our team if you’re experiencing issues with your HVAC system and want a complete inspection of your ductwork. We’ll perform the necessary repairs or perform an air duct replacement if the system has extensive damage.

Contact us to safeguard your Tennessee business from unwanted HVAC issues.

The Importance of Ventilation System Repair

Even if you have an expert performing proper ductwork installation in your commercial building, problems can arise over time and create ongoing issues.

You can run your heating and cooling system consistently but notice that the building never reaches your desired temperature because of minimal airflow. Your energy bills can skyrocket as a result.

Cracks in your air ducts can cause temperature-controlled air to escape while allowing pollutants to enter the system. Repairing damaged ducts helps your HVAC system work efficiently and promotes healthy indoor air quality.

Signs You Need Commercial Duct Services

How can you tell if your commercial building needs air duct repair and replacement services?

We recommend scheduling a service if you experience the following issues:

  • Noisy HVAC systems: You might have loose ducts if you hear consistent rattling noises whenever you operate your heating or cooling system.
  • Unexplained spikes in energy bills: Since damaged ductwork puts excess strain on your HVAC system, your energy costs could suddenly skyrocket. Pay attention to drastic changes in your bills, and contact Interstate AC to inspect the system.
  • Poor airflow: Clogged or cracked ducts can limit airflow through your vents which makes it a struggle for your building to reach your desired temperature quickly.
  • Changes in indoor air quality: Don’t hesitate to call commercial duct services if the indoor air quality in your building suffers. Rooms may feel stuffy and occupants may experience common allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and throat irritation.

Let Interstate AC improve your commercial HVAC system with our professional air duct services.

Benefits of Professional Ductwork Services

Failing to care for your duct system can have serious consequences down the road. Investing in commercial and home duct maintenance services can help prevent loose or cracked ducts.

Our experts know how to identify common issues with air ducts and perform long-lasting repairs so you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Energy savings
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Greater temperature control
  • Quiet HVAC system operation

Reach out to our team if your building’s air ducts are more than 15 years old or start underperforming. We’ll determine the best approach to duct repair and replacement services so you have peace of mind.

Nashville’s Trusted Source for Commercial HVAC Services

Tennessee business owners depend on Interstate AC for all of their HVAC needs.

Our skilled technicians not only offer duct repair and replacement services, but also heating repairs, air conditioning installation, and maintenance services. We take pride in helping commercial property owners maintain a comfortable building year-round.

Whether you want to insulate your ductwork, check for cracks, or install a brand-new system, we’re the right crew for the job.

Our technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience in the HVAC industry and can address any issue you face.

With competitive prices and top-notch service, you can’t go wrong with our team on your side. Reach out to Interstate AC today for a comprehensive HVAC inspection.

Call 615-802-COOL (2665) to schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can You Replace Your Own Ductwork?

No, let an experienced contractor handle all commercial ductwork replacements. Tinkering with the system without the proper training can lead to further HVAC issues and jeopardize your safety.

How Long Do Air Ducts Last?

Air ducts typically last between 20 and 25 years with proper maintenance. Problems may start to arise after 15 years of use.

How Long Does Air Duct Repair and Replacement Take?

The timeline for duct repair and replacement depends on the scope of the project. Simple repairs and partial duct replacements may take less than a day to perform, while a full duct replacement can take up to four days, depending on the size of the building.