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Water Treatment

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Comprehensive Commercial Water Treatment Services

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Do you want your customers to have a fresh drink of water without spending money on bottled water? You could benefit from a water treatment system installed by Interstate AC.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve kept our friends and neighbors comfortable and healthy with fresh water and cool air. When you need reliable filtration systems for your company, you won’t find a better service provider.

Commercial Treatment Services for Water

Our water treatment services fall into two main categories:


Whether you run a restaurant, retail space, or office building, water filtration gives your customers and employees access to the purest water.

You can incorporate several different types of systems and purification methods including:

  • Whole-building systems that provide water filtration to an entire building using a single device
  • The faucet filters you install on each individual tap
  • Chemical treatment methods
  • Reverse osmosis

Softeners and Conditioning

Hard water can destroy your plumbing and irritate your customer’s skin after they wash their hands. With a water softener, you can give your visitors water that feels great and doesn’t expose them to annoying minerals. We also provide wastewater treatment and water disinfection services.

Signs Your Business Needs Cleaner Water

How do you know you could benefit from services that purify or condition your water?

Bad Taste and Smell

Trust your intuition in knowing whether your water tastes bad. You’ve drank water your whole life so you can easily identify good and bad water.

The most concerning tastes include grass, metal, dirt, and chlorine. Your employees probably use water to make their coffee and refill their water bottles and they deserve the best-tasting water.

>High-quality water shouldn’t have any smell. If you smell sulfur, chlorine, algae, iron, copper, or lead, you need a water treatment system to keep your water safe.

Frequent Plumbing Repairs

Hard water often leads to frequent plumbing problems because the mineral buildup affects water pressure and can corrode your pipes and fixtures. If you’re dealing with drain clogs, dripping faucets, and leaks, you could save money in the long term with a water softener.

Health Issues

If you have a high frequency of employee sick days, consider whether your water is the source of your problems. Certain chemicals and bacteria can thrive in water, but a filtration system can eliminate them and keep your employees healthy.

Surface Stains

If you see hard water stains in your coffee cups, community dishes, counters, and other places, you have a hard water problem. These stains can cause damage to your property and poorly reflect your brand image, so consider installing a water softener.

Poor Water Test Results

If you received a poor water report from the city or had your water tested and obtained a poor rating, install a filtration system to avoid liability issues. If you haven’t had your water tested with a free EPA quality test, you should, so you know what you’re dealing with.

Benefits of Water Treatment Services

What are the benefits of treating your water with filtration or treatment services?

Improved Taste

If you’re in the food and beverage business, you know the quality of your water affects the quality of your product. However, other industries use water every day even if it’s just for making coffee or rehydrating during a break. Fresh-tasting water keeps your employees and customers satisfied.

Increased Compliance

Many industries have regulations governing the quality of their water. A reliable filtration system ensures you never pay hefty fines or damage your reputation by not maintaining good water quality.

Cost Savings

From avoiding compliance fees to fewer employee sick days and lower maintenance, purified water saves you money in multiple ways.

Interstate AC Service Keeps Your Water Clean

When you need reliable and competitively priced water treatment services, reach out to Interstate AC. We provide a fully trained and experienced team of professionals and work hard to exceed your expectations no matter how complicated or simple the job is. We’re passionate about keeping you safe with clean water.

To book an appointment, call Interstate AC at 615-802-COOL (2665).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common questions about commercial water treatment services.

What Is the Most Effective Water Treatment System?

Reverse Osmosis systems are the most effective form of water treatment.

How Long Does a Water Treatment System Last?

Your water treatment system can last between 15 and 25 years, provided you maintain it well.

How Long Does It Take to Install a Water Treatment System?

A professional plumber can install a water treatment system in only two or three hours.