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Water Heaters

Interstate AC is Nashville’s Trusted Commercial Water Heaters Experts. Book Online or Call 615-802-COOL (2665) To Schedule Your Service.

Water Heater Services

Let Interstate AC assist your business with prompt, professional commercial water heater services – call today to schedule service!

Why do so many Nashville and Middle Tennessee businesses rely on Interstate AC’s commercial water heater services? Our team has proven time and again that reliable and efficient hot water production can be right at your commercial property’s fingertips.

Enough hot water is essential to your daily operations and comfort, and that principle applies to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. If your business wants to explore gas or electric water heaters of any size or type, our highly experienced professionals can deliver. Get in touch for prompt, quality service at a reasonable price in Tennessee!

Signs Your Commercial Facility Needs Water Heater Service

Is your commercial hot water system around ten years old? Your business may start noticing problems with efficiency, as well as leaking because of worn-out parts.

If you aren’t sure, here are the most common signs that you need to repair or replace your facility’s commercial water heater:

  • A lack of hot water or fluctuating temperatures.
  • Rusting around the water storage tank.
  • Unusual noises that sound mechanical.
  • Water leaks around storage tanks or connections.
  • Dirty or bad-smelling water.
  • Low water pressure.

These symptoms could result from ordinary wear and tear or other possible causes, such as faulty wiring or malfunctioning thermostats. Heating coils and valves also need regular servicing and replacement.

Benefits of Professional Commercial Water Heater Installation

Are you considering upgrading your commercial water heater to a modern and more energy-efficient model? That’s a decision that could significantly reduce your facility’s energy consumption and improve hot water performance for staff, guests, or commercial operations.

We install your new unit according to Tennessee’s various building codes and ensure it works optimally. Then, with our regular professional maintenance, you can have confidence about avoiding service outages and also extend the useful life of your hot water system. With our industry-leading water heater experts inspecting for leaks, electrical issues, and safety hazards, you’ll also preserve the unit’s manufacturer’s warranty and save.

Deciding Whether To Repair or Replace a Commercial Water Heater

Are you ready to whittle down the best water heaters to one that matches your business’s needs and budget? Our experts can advise you on whether to repair a commercial water heater or replace it, and which new unit could serve you best.

With technological and energy-efficiency advancements, water heater replacements can be more cost-effective. So, if your business is having to make multiple water heater repair callouts in a year, a new system makes sense. Modern tankless and energy-efficient water heaters also substantially reduce your operation’s utility bills, especially with heavy-duty water demands.

Wouldn’t you like to harness the benefits of a new water heater with a long service life? If so, your business can say goodbye to the cost of service interruptions, frequent repairs, and inefficiency!

Middle Tennessee Businesses Rely on Interstate AC

Interstate AC proudly serves businesses of all sizes throughout Nashville and Middle Tennessee. We earn the loyalty of our commercial customers by exceeding expectations and valuing long-term partnerships. Expect us to treat your business with the respect it deserves, including by providing prompt and professional water heater services.

Whatever the size of your commercial facility, Interstate AC can handle your water heating installations, repairs, and maintenance. Call us today at 615-802-COOL (2665) to schedule service.

Commercial Water Heater FAQ

What do our business customers ask about water heating services in Tennessee? Find out below.

How Do Commercial-Grade Water Heaters Differ From Residential Water Heaters?

Commercial-grade water heaters differ significantly from residential units. Besides being more powerful and using much less energy per gallon, these units boast higher-grade insulation, a greater capacity, and a huge variety of models to fit your facility’s specific needs. A professional installation also ensures compliance with commercial building codes.

Are Tankless Water Heaters Good Economically for Commercial Use?

Yes, tankless water heaters are often good economical choices for commercial facilities to use. These heaters work just as well as storage-based heaters, even in facilities that need much hotter water, like restaurants and heavy-use commercial facilities. Greater efficiency and the cost reductions associated with tankless heaters are also great for your bottom line.

How Long Should a New Commercial Water Heater Last?

A new storage-based commercial water heater should last around ten years, but this lifespan depends on several factors. For example, units handling heavy-duty use or facing irregular maintenance may not last as long. Modern tankless commercial-grade water heaters may last longer – up to 20 years.