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Common AC Problem: AC Blows Hot Air

September 12, 2018

During the summer, your air conditioner (AC) works harder and longer.  That high demand may cause a problem to rear its ugly head.  In this multi-part post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common AC problems, talk about the possible causes, and provide suggestions for tackling each problem.

AC is Blowing Hot Air

If your AC is not cooling or is blowing hot air, here are some possible causes and solutions:

  1. Thermostat turned to heat mode: Switch it back to “cool” and you’re good to go.
  1. Dirty evaporator coil caused by a dirty air filter:  Change air filters.  You may also need to have the evaporator coil (inside the indoor part of the AC unit) professionally cleaned.
  1. Condenser coil obstructions: Check the outside AC unit for anything blocking the condenser’s air flow, and clean any debris (such as grass clippings, overgrown bushes, etc.) around the unit.
  1. Low on refrigerant/Freon:  This is usually caused by a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system and looks like ice forming on either the inside or outside unit or both.  For this, you’ll need to contact an AC professional.  See our post Adding Freon to your AC is NOT a DIY Project.

Avoid AC Problems

Summer can be the best time of the year, so don’t let air conditioning problems hinder you from enjoying it.  Be sure to get annual AC maintenance visits, so it will run efficiently and be ready for the high demand of the summer’s heat.  If you live in the Nashville area and experience any heating or cooling problems, call on Interstate AC Service at (615) 832-8500.