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Be Pro-Active With an Off-Season Replacement

February 15, 2018

It’s no surprise that the demand for air-conditioners is highest in the summer, and the demand for furnaces is highest in the winter.  If you have an old or failing HVAC system, it will likely go out when it is stressed the most – on the coldest or hottest day of the year – when the demand is greatest.  Well, that’s when everyone else is calling for service, too!  So you may find, no matter what HVAC company you call, they won’t be able to get to you right away.  [If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of needing a tow truck after slipping on snowy/icy roads, you know what I mean!]

Be Pro-Active!

The best time to get a new furnace is in the spring and summer, and the best time to get a new air-conditioner is in the fall and winter.  Of course, if you’re replacing an entire system – like a heat-pump that is used for both heat and air – then the best time is during the “in-between” seasons – spring and fall – when systems are less stressed and the HVAC companies are not overrun with service calls.

Benefits of Being Pro-Active

Being pro-active has many added benefits:

  1. You may get off-season discounts or manufacturers’ rebates.  Plus, you’ll have time to get a professional analysis done of your home, get 2 or 3 quotes, and do research on the companies.  You won’t be in a “desperate” situation: like having no air conditioning on a day with 90+ degree temperatures and 90% humidity!
  2. It’s less disruptive for the homeowner.  You can schedule the install at a convenient time for you, and you won’t have to worry about being down (without heat or air) when it’s most needed!  Face it: it’s much less of an “inconvenience” to be without heat or air (while your old system is being removed and your new system is being installed) when it’s not freezing cold or blazing hot out!
  3. It gives you time to research the various kinds of systems, and the various features, to find the one best for you.  When it’s 7 degrees out and you’ve been without heat for 12 hours, you’re not going to be in much of a “shopping” mood and may wind up getting whatever is readily available and can be installed quickly, rather than the best system to meet your needs.

Think Spring!

If you know your HVAC system won’t stand another winter or summer… don’t just let it slip your mind as we approach spring.  That’s when you SHOULD be thinking: now’s the best time to replace it!  Remember, the best time to buy a new system is before your existing system fails, and before the extreme hot or cold weather arrives.

If you need heating or air-conditioning service, no matter the season, call on Interstate AC Service at 615-802-2665.  We’re here to provide all of Nashville and surrounding areas with professional , dependable HVAC system service and installation.