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Interstate AC is Nashville’s Trusted Commercial Thermostats Experts. Book Online or Call 615-802-COOL (2665) To Schedule Your Service.

Thermostat Repair & Replacement

Protect your business’s comfort and efficiency with Interstate AC’s thermostat repair & replacement services. Call 615-802-COOL (2665).

Your Nashville business relies on your thermostats more than you might realize. After all, how can you change or maintain the temperature in various areas without them? This technology is integral to occupant comfort, product protection, and energy efficiency.

At Interstate AC, we excel in all areas related to commercial HVAC maintenance, including thermostat services. Depend on our knowledgeable technicians for thermostat placement, installation, and repair.

The Role of Thermostats on Commercial Properties

Commercial properties have vastly different needs than residential ones. They are often larger and accommodate more people throughout the day. Plus, you likely store materials, products, and equipment that need a specific indoor environment to remain stable.

Therefore, you can’t install any old thermostat to manage your indoor temperature.

You need technology that covers expansive square footage and multiple compartments. Interstate AC’s heating and air conditioning service ensures your business property features a thermostat that perfectly matches those needs.

Thermostat Issues Business Owners Face

Thermostat problems range from mild annoyances to significant concerns affecting your business’s sustainability.

You may walk from one end of your store to the other to change the settings. Perhaps, your utility bills shoot through the roof during summer.

The following thermostat issues can contribute to either scenario:

  • Poor placement: Installing thermostats near windows, doors, or output vents can lead to excessive HVAC cycles and uncomfortable temperatures.
  • Damaged display: Your thermostat display becomes difficult to read because of malfunctioning or lightening pixels.
  • Electrical disconnections: Employees carrying large, cumbersome items might accidentally hit a thermostat, resulting in loose or damaged wire connections.
  • Inaccurate temperature readings: A thermostat might display the wrong internal temperature or setting preference without regular calibration.
  • Lack of comprehensive control: Outdated thermostat technology significantly limits your environmental control.

When you include your thermostat in your cooling and heating system repair services, you protect products, people, indoor air quality, and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Thermostat Repair & Replacement Services for All Businesses

Taking your business to the next level might start with something as simple as thermostat repair & replacement.

Working with the wrong thermostat system has surprising impacts on:

  • Utility bills: Placing your thermostat in a different spot or smart thermostat installation might decrease your electric bills.
  • Comfort: Customers prefer businesses that put their comfort first. Employees may increase their productivity when the indoor environment feels nice.
  • Inventory quality: Prolong the shelf life of various products and materials heavy-duty thermostats calibrated for more extreme temperatures.
  • Structural integrity: Commercial building materials often last longer when indoor temperatures adequately protect them from intense fluctuations.
  • Occupant health: Outdated or unmaintained thermostats could encourage excess humidity levels, eventually leading to mold proliferation.

Thermostat troubleshooting, repair, and installation services might pay for themselves in the long term.

Making Your Thermostat Work for You

If you’ve dealt with the same thermostat system for years, you’re probably used to countless inconveniences like setting limitations and localized control. Advanced, energy-efficient thermostats have smart features that give you complete control over your commercial building’s indoor environment. For example, you can program your system to switch temperatures based on the time of day.

Bump the settings up or down during closing hours to save money. Ensure your heating or air conditioner kicks on 30 minutes before you open. Protect commercial equipment and products by maintaining a uniform temperature in storage and inventory spaces.

Contact Interstate AC for Commercial HVAC Services

Our commercial thermostat services offer countless opportunities to improve your Nashville business. Call Interstate AC at 615-802-COOL (2665). We will send a technician to evaluate and recalibrate your current thermostat.

Let’s enhance customer and employee comfort while improving commercial sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thermostats are easy to use yet incredibly complex. Check the common queries below for more information about our thermostat services.

Can I Replace My Old Thermostat with Any New Thermostat?

No, you cannot replace your old thermostat with any new thermostat. High-voltage connections require matching technology, and the same applies to low-voltage counterparts.

How Much Does Thermostat Replacement Cost?

Thermostat replacement may cost as little as $50 or as much as $500, depending on the model and number of thermostats you need to replace. Your commercial thermostat technician will visit your property to evaluate your needs and provide an estimate.

Do I Need a Professional for Thermostat Repair & Replacement?

Yes, you do need a professional for thermostat repair & replacement. Some business owners mistakenly think they can handle their technology beyond battery changes, leading to wire disconnections and other damage.