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Now offering commercial plumbing services!

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Faucet Repair/Installation

Interstate AC is Nashville’s Trusted Commercial Faucet Repair/Installation Experts. Book Online or Call 615-802-COOL (2665) To Schedule Your Service.

Quality Commercial Faucet Repair and Installation Services

We keep kitchens and bathrooms in peak condition. Call today for service.

The state of a company’s bathroom says a lot about the quality of their service. Reliable faucet repair and installation can keep your bathrooms in great condition and improve overall customer experience.

At Interstate AC, we have nearly 20 years of experience keeping the water flowing in businesses like yours. We provide outstanding service with exceptional value, so you always recognize the benefit of investing in your plumbing.

Commercial Faucet Installation and Repair

We offer a variety of water faucet solutions as part of our plumbing repair service, including:

  • Tap maintenance
  • Installing sink fixtures
  • >Replacing and upgrading faucets
  • Leak fixing for faucets and under-sink pipes
  • Emergency service for water leaks

Signs Your Business Needs Faucet Help

How do you know your business needs plumbing services for your faucets? Whether it’s your restrooms, kitchen, or break room, look for the following signs.

Constant Drips

If you witness a constant dripping of water from your faucet even when you’ve closed it tightly, don’t hesitate to call for repairs. Even a small drip can cost you considerable money over time and lead to some significant water damage, especially under your sink. The problem most likely resides with the faucet’s O-ring, but a qualified plumber can determine the cause.

Low Water Pressure

While low pressure sometimes occurs from a leak or clog deeper in your pipes, it can also indicate mineral deposits in your tap. How can you tell? If you notice the low water pressure only at a single faucet, you likely have a build-up problem, but if you notice it in multiple taps have problems, you likely have a problem deeper in your plumbing.

Visible Damage

One sign you need faucet repair and installation is visible damage on your faucet or nearby features. For example, if you notice rust or corrosion on your tap, you’ll need a new one. If you notice significant damage under the sink, you’ve had a problem for a while and should call for immediate repairs.

Difficult Turning

Your faucet’s handle should turn easily and smoothly. If you notice stiffness, a professional assessment can determine whether you need simple repairs or replacement.

Noises and Smells

If you notice a sulfurous, decaying, or sewage smell to your faucet, you likely have a mineral or bacterial build-up that a simple repair could eliminate. The most common concerning noises include rattling, whistling, or banging. Never assume these noises and smells aren’t serious.

Old Age

With proper maintenance, your faucets should last around 20 years. If they’re reaching this age, you’ll likely require more frequent repairs, so you’ll save money on updating them and installing a new fixture.

Benefits of Commercial Faucet Services

What benefits do you obtain for your business when you schedule faucet repairs and installation?

Cost Savings

When you keep your faucets in working order, you save money in the long term because you won’t deal with water damage or higher water bills.

Positive Brand Image

The state of your facilities directly affects how customers think about your brand. For example, many customers believe a restaurant with a dirty bathroom probably has a dirty kitchen. Whether that’s true or not, if you can’t keep your bathrooms in working condition, can you really meet your customer’s expectations for service?

Employee Satisfaction

Your employees don’t want to deal with annoying sinks when they’re trying to enjoy their break or return quickly to work after using the bathroom. Fully functioning faucets keep your employees happy.

Contact Interstate AC for Help Today

When you need faucet repair and installation, you won’t find a more reliable partner than Interstate AC. We work hard to build a relationship with you so you’ll never need another HVAC or plumbing provider. We’re responsive, sustainable, and professional no matter the job.

To book an appointment, call Interstate AC at 615-802-COOL (2665).

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about faucet services, consider these answers to the most common questions.

Will a Plumber Install the Faucet I Bought?

A plumber will install the faucet you bought. If they’ve already repaired your original one they may do the installation the same day.

How Long Does It Take a Plumber to Install a Bathroom Faucet?

A plumber can install a bathroom faucet in around one to two hours but certain factors can increase the duration.

How Much Will I Pay for Faucet Repair and Installation?

What you’ll pay for faucet repair and installation depends on several factors. In general, you can expect it will cost between $50 and $500.