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Sump Pumps

Interstate AC is Nashville’s Trusted Commercial Sump Pumps Experts. Book Online or Call 615-802-COOL (2665) To Schedule Your Service.

Protect your business from floods with sump pump services from Interstate AC. Call 615-802-COOL (2665).

Water damage often occurs unexpectedly and can spell disaster for commercial properties. Crawlspace and basement flooding might prevent you from utilizing that extra storage space, and the damage’s slow progress can creep up on you.

Installing and maintaining a sump pump offers an excellent solution. Interstate AC’s pump technicians specialize in servicing commercial and industrial properties like yours.

Why Your Sump Pump Is Essential

Sump pumps supply a water drainage system for a building’s lowest level. Many models contain float switches that indicate high water levels. These switches trigger the pump to power up and drain water.

They empty the water in outdoor areas away from the building foundations.

If you haven’t purchased a pump for your Nashville commercial property, you could eventually face:

  • Property devaluation and damage.
  • Excessive humidity, which affects the rest of the building.
  • Water-loving insect infestations.
  • Dangerous sewage or stormwater backups.

Protecting your business starts at the building foundation.

Choosing the Best Sump Pump for Your Business

Before you schedule a sump pump installation service, choose the pump that best suits your business needs.

Our team works with three primary pump types:

  • A submersible pump evacuates excess water and some types of debris from the lowermost building level. If you struggle with constant floods during Tennessee’s rainy springs, you’ll benefit most from this type.
  • A pedestal pump sits on top of a pedestal, providing more protection from corrosion than the submersible. Therefore, its motor lasts longer.
  • A water-powered pump activates at high water levels, making it more energy-efficient than the other pumps. However, its water reliance makes it weaker than battery-powered options.

We can recommend a pump system that works for your business. For example, we could install a pedestal pump as your primary flood protection source. We could supplement it with a water-powered pump as a backup in case the main pump fails.

Knowing When to Service Your Commercial Sump Pump

If you already use a pump for business and home water protection, you likely know what a lifesaver it is. However, you might still encounter unpleasant surprises like watery crawl spaces or soaked basements without pump maintenance and repairs.

Our team at Interstate AC identified a few signs of malfunction below:

  • When you test the sump pump by dousing a bucket of water into it, you notice it doesn’t activate.
  • You installed the pump almost ten years ago. Therefore, the appliance nears the end of its lifespan.
  • You smell decay or musty odors wafting up from the pump pit.
  • The pump makes strange or exceptional noises when it operates.
  • When you test the pump, you notice it activates and drains water but takes longer than usual to perform.

Sump pumps installed in Nashville commercial or industrial properties need maintenance annually. Routine services protect your property and storage from sudden flooding and accompanying damage. You can also pour water over your pump as a monthly performance test.

Sump Pump Installation and Replacement Services

Only professional technicians from Interstate AC should install or replace your sump pumps. The task involves attentive wiring, fitting, and testing to ensure the new pump activates when necessary. Otherwise, your pump may fail.

The money you save by hiring an unskilled contractor for the job will eventually go toward salvaging business property, restoring damaged structures, and mold remediation. Plus, Interstate AC can recommend the appropriate number and type of pumps, while suggesting a set-up that protects all areas of your expansive business building.

Interstate AC Specializes in Servicing Commercial Properties

At Interstate AC, we work with and for commercial property owners to maximize basement and crawlspace moisture control through business-oriented sump pump services. We also provide other services geared toward businesses for optimal efficiency, performance, and customer satisfaction. Call 615-802-COOL (2665) to choose a company that specializes in companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might wonder what to expect if you haven’t dealt with pump installation or service. We responded to common queries from other business owners below.

Should Water Be in My Pump Pit?

Yes, water should be in your pump pit. A small amount of water can protect some components like rubber fittings and seals.

Is a Dry Pump Pit Okay?

No, a dry pump pit is not okay. Your pit needs a little water to keep malleable parts in working condition.

How Often Should I Service My Sump Pump?

You should service your sump pump annually. Interstate AC’s technicians will gladly handle yearly sump pump maintenance or ten-year replacement services.