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You often don’t think about your heating or air-conditioning system until something goes wrong. But there is so much you can do to help keep your system from breaking down. We regularly post information to help you learn what you can do to keep your system running, to save money and energy.

Going Green
Home Energy Yardstick
Have you ever wondered how your house measures up to similar houses in your area? The Home Energy Yardstick provides an online analysis of energy use of your home compared…
Take a Peek at Spring Maintenance
Ever wonder what goes on during a spring maintenance HVAC check? We follow along while one homeowner, Bob, has his two systems checked out by Lance Waterbarger, technician for Interstate…
Get Ready for Spring!
Getting ready for spring often means planting and sprucing up the yard, but it also means getting ready for air conditioning season.  When it comes to spring HVAC maintenance, there…