Wednesday, 1 February 2017
4 Ways to Keep Warm During A Winter Power Outage

During the cold months of winter it’s important to think through and plan for how you will stay warm and keep your home warm during a winter power outage. We’ve put together 4 ideas to help you with this.

1. Choose one room... and stay there as much as possible.

Instead of trying to heat the whole house, focus your attention on heating just one room of the house. Keep doors closed off and put towels under the door to seal off drafts. Choose a room that is the least drafty and has the most windows for natural heat from the sun, ideally on the southwest side of your house.  

Having everyone together in a small space will provide an additional amount of body heat for warmth. To make it fun for the family, and provide an extra layer of comfort, set up the family tent. An indoor campout is also a great way to keep the kids entertained.


2. Add layers… to you and your room.

One way heat can easily escape your home is through your cold floor. Add additional layers of rugs and blankets to the floor of your chosen ‘warm room’ to insulate. Adding air beds and mattresses to floors is also a great way to have an additional layer between you and the floor and provide comfort for sleeping and sitting. Add a layer of blankets and pillowcases over your windows and doors to prevent drafts and for additional insulation. You can use painters tape or duct tape to seal the blanket over the window.

Layers of clothing are essential during a power outage. One reason is if you need to go outside to shovel snow, let the dog out or other emergency reasons, you’ll want to protect your innermost layer of clothing from moisture. Hats and other head coverings are an essential layer that must not be neglected. Most of your body heat loss is through your head. So keep it covered at all times, even while sleeping.


3. Use an alternative heat source… but safely

The good news - depending on the outside temperature, it usually takes several hours for the inside of your home to cool after after a power outage. For short term power outages, you may not have to worry about additional heating. For longer term outages, you can use your wood stove or fireplace for heat. However, DO NOT USE kerosene heaters, BBQs, or any outdoor type heater inside. These can create poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide which could kill.

If you do decide to use a supplemental heating source it’s important to keep the air circulating because these heating sources need air to work properly. Finally, it’s important to never leave your heating source running when you are asleep.  

Some other alternative heating sources include:

  • Sun light

  • Add extra heat before you loose power if you know there’s an outage possibility.

  • Run a bathtub of hot water.

  • Open flames like candles, but use caution!


4. Hop in the car for a quick warm up and battery charge

Your car can be a great place for a quick warm up. It’s also a great way for the family to get some time out of the house. You can also use your car to charge up your phone, computer or other devices. Be sure to take your blankets with you to the car to give them a warm up also. Just remember to NEVER run the car in an unventilated area.



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Posted on 02/01/2017 1:18 PM by Tony Anderson
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