Date: 15/09/2019
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What it Takes to Replace your Home HVAC

This is a story of a homeowner whose heating and air conditioning reached the end of its life. For most systems, end-of-life can be anywhere from 12-16 years, but with some intermediate repairs, this system’s life was extended to 21 years.   In the fall of 2018, when the homeowners came home from a long trip, there was no air conditioning on the first floor of the house.  Interstate AC Service came out and added refrigerant to the system which appeared to solve the problem.  However, a week later, the refrigerant had leaked out and it became clear that something more would need to be done.  Interstate AC’s  system expert, Tommy Gentry,  discussed options with the homeowners.  


The electric blower controls had been replaced two times in the last 10 years.  The existing HVAC unit was sitting on the basement floor, which made it subject to flooding.  So, the unit needed to be raised off the floor.  There were two rather small air ducts coming from the return and these needed to be enlarged.  Tommy took a lot of measurements and determined that a new 3-ton American Standard would fit the existing space and result in lower costs.  The existing heat pump was eliminated. Tommy drew up a reasonable estimate and the homeowner decided to proceed with the replacement.  Tommy provided drawings for the installers and made a list of parts that would be required. Three days later the truck arrived, and work with a two-man crew began.

  1. First, the gas was turned off, then the refrigerant was drained from the existing unit so it could be recycled.   Next, the exhaust was disconnected from the existing unit, and the old unit was removed and recycled.  Then, the area was made ready for the new furnace.
  2. A platform to go under the unit was put in place, then the blower, coils, and furnace were brought in and were put together.  Lines from the outside unit were brought inside and attached to the new unit.
  3. After a short break, Tommy brought in a load of parts, inspected the job, and helped to rebuild the new unit’s furnace exhaust.
  4. Next, they tackled the outdoor unit.  They cut the wiring and copper pipes to free the old unit so it could be removed and taken to the recycler.  The pad was prepared, and the new unit was unpacked and put into position.
  5. Wiring and copper pipes were now fitted to the new outdoor unit.  Air was evacuated from the pipes and the coils and the new unit was filled with the new, more eco-friendly, 410A refrigerant.
  6. The entire unit  - both heating and cooling – was tested.   Finally, the unit was buttoned up and connected to a new condensate pump.

The homeowner was impressed with the quality of the work and the care that Interstate AC Service took at each step of the way.  The new unit has a variable speed blower motor which makes a huge difference in reducing the noise coming from the unit.  We now have another very happy homeowner.

If you’re pondering a system replacement, let the folks at Interstate AC Service help!  If you live in the Nashville and surrounding area, give us a call at 615-832-8500.  We’re here for you!






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